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Yes! We Pick Up Your Compostables, Whether from Residential Kitchens, Businesses or Events.

It is a vital responsibility to our soils and our health that we properly turn our peels back into nutritious soil and once again life-sustaining meals. Our pickup service makes this easy and of no time lost to you.

Above and beyond picking up residential or business compostables, we also:

  • Pick up compost for most any event i.e. film/tv sets, biz meetings, fundraisers, weddings, community outreach, festivals, conferences, expos, parties: sports, oscars, birthday, engagement, baby shower, graduation, promotion…
  • Harvest and refresh your existing compost system (one-time or regular basis)
  • Install and sell compost bin systems
  • Install gardens and garden makeovers
  • Sell compost (aka “black gold”) for plant and gardening soil amendment needs
  • Sell worms to make compost systems efficient
  • Sell “worm tea”, a super condensed nutritious liquid collected during the compost process used in dilutions to fertilize plants and gardens
  • Hold gardening classes and groups

Thank You for Making a Difference…
…It Matters.
♥ You Matter ♥

\käm-,pōst\: a highly condensed nutrient fertilizer that results from a mixture of organic (meaning derived of living matter) items after undergoing a natural process of decay in certain conditions. Versus going into a landfill where devoid of the essential oxygen for it to break down thus largely contributes to increasing methane and global warming (yes, there are 25 year old heads of lettuce, hotdogs and servings of seemingly fresh guacamole etc lying undecomposed in our landfills).

Compost’s building blocks are all the pieces and parts of food you don’t ingest like banana and citrus peels, apple cores and seeds, egg shells, coffee grounds, plus other stuff (see lists to follow a couple sections over or down depending on which piece of technology you are on; or contact us to ask).

“Why Not?” is more like it 😀

Composting is an easy responsibility that enables the necessary vital nutrition that we and our family members and our restaurant patrons and our entire environment need to go back into the soil and therefore once again into our food and back into each and every one of us.

Our health depends on it. As does the Earth’s.

Beyond nourishing our soils and all of our cells, composting our uneaten and organic (again meaning derived of living matter) throwaways benefits our day to day in myriad ways; here are just a handful:

  • Reduces landfill waste by upwards of 30% (or more depending on your purchasing/using/throw-away habits)
  • Reduces/eliminates the amount of fossil fuels used to get it from one place to way out “there” to the landfill (and saves all the involved misappropriated human labor power and funding instead for actual proper tasks)
  • Reduces/eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Captures and destroys 99.6% of industrial volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in contaminated air
  • Reduces water use
  • Increases nutrient density and quality and promotes higher yield of agriculture

Now that you are in the know (♥) but as so often without the land, time or wish to compost on your own soil…

⇒ Peels 2 Meals

That is what we do for you.

It’s a simple
1 ⇒ 2 ⇒ 3

You [1]
[2] Bin to Toss It In
[3] Away It Goes

For those that do have the land, time and desire, we consult and install.

For those that only have the land, we also can come to tend it for you. Just like a pool company does, but we are of course doing your compost.

Options, options, options so no one goes un-composting 😀


We so appreciate having you aboard the Peels 2 Meals (P2M) Movement since as you know, composting is of colossal and vital benefit to our Earth and everyone/thing on it.

And by all means, please Pass Us Forward to allow our combined efforts to be the best advocates for the Earth as we may. We offer myriad ways to help you do so just below or by more options found further down in our webpage under the section Pass Us Forward. And yes indeed, we do have a referral program 🙂

♥ Thank You ♥

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What to Compost includes uneaten food and plant pieces and parts called “Greens” which provide more of the necessary nitrogen and “Browns” which provide more of the necessary carbon for the compost processs to occur.

  • Greens Include:
  • Fruit and Veggie Peels, Cores, Scraps (Leftovers) and Spoils
  • Used Coffee Grounds and Filters
  • Tea Leaves and Tea Bags
  • Egg Shells
  • Nutshells
  • Dirt and Dust i.e. from Dustpan and Vacuum, Laundry Lint and Pet Hair
  • Herbivore Bedding (i.e. for Rabbits)
  • Wondering about anything else? Please ask.
  • Browns Include:
  • Shredded Cardboard i.e. Pizza Boxes, Inner Roll of Toilet Paper and Paper Towels, Paper Based Egg Cartons, Paper Plates and Cups so long as there isn’t that synthetic coating…
  • Shredded Newspaper and Junk Mail (minus the plastic windows), Used Paper Towels and Napkins
  • Dried or Expired Flowers and Plant Trimmings
  • Natural Fiber (shredded) such as Wool and Cotton, even that cotton packing that come in supplement bottles
  • Wood Shavings, Sawdust, Chips or Ash
  • Wondering about anything else? Please ask.

What Not to Compost includes:

  • Meat,
    Poultry, Fish
  • Dairy Products
  • Grease, Oils, Fats
  • Photo Paper
  • Treated Wood
  • Wondering about anything else? Please ask.

We Rescued
the Compostables


TV and Film Production Sets

Lorna’s Wedding

Lynn’s Birthday

John’s IPO Launch

Benefits, Causes and Campaigns


From Our Many Pioneering Business Clients





Art Openings

Modeling Agencies

from East to West from North to South including

The ♥ of Downtown

East L.A.


South Bay


& School Gardens…

Bin Installs in

Ojai • Santa Monica • Palms • Culver City • Mar Vista • Westchester • Torrance • Hawthorne • Burbank • Encino • Reseda • Brea • Desert Hot Springs

Vermicompost (Worm) Bin Harvest and Refresh in Mar Vista


Compost Bin Maintenance in Altadena (right alongside their pool maintenance guy 🙂 )

Garden Installs in
Silver Lake • Santa Monica • Palms • West L.A. School

Existing Garden Renovations and Plant-Outs with Volunteer Group under our umbrella named the D.O.P. (Doing Our Part) Team in
Santa Monica • L.A. Proper • Palms

Providing Drop Locations for Raw Compostables from People, Businesses or Events


Providing Pickup Locations of Raw Compostables for those Avid Gardeners who don’t make enough Compost within their own Household to service their Gardens or for Marie way up North who layers raw Compostables as she makes Garden Beds (so cool 😀 )

Chicken Coop Install in Sequoia National Forest

“Because it [composting] is a must to be doing business, or living period, in any remotest of a proper way. A must must.”


Owner, Crafted Kitchen, Downtown

“One of the best decisions I’ve made in the last few years is signing up for this composting service. With the state of the world it’s so hard to know what to do when you want to try to improve the world. Hiring Heidi to pick up my organic food waste and turn it into nourishing compost makes me feel like I am doing something. It’s well worth the investment to sleep a little better at night knowing that all that food is not going to be adding to a landfill. I have recycled about 20 large garbage bags of food over the last few years. I definitely recommend it. And I wish more large corporate companies would employ a service like this. It’s ridiculous how much food we waste.”

Anonymous Model

Santa Monica

“You are helping my karma.”

Picture of her contributing rabbits:

Susan, Rancho Palos Verdes

Adopted by and Raised on Indian Reservation, Works with Girl's School Children

“This is such a great service, if you have never composted before, it feels amazing to do it, just try it. You will get a fun bin with it also. Peels 2 meals are fun but also very professional. Highly recommend it 😉 “

Karina L., Santa Monica


“This service is one of the most insightful ways of giving back to ‘our eco-system’.  I am so grateful to use this compost-service.  It makes me truly feel I am making a friendly contribution back to the earth.  Thank you Peels 2 Meals …”

Jad Eden D.

Los Angeles

“I would recommend Peels 2 Meals to anyone who is looking for a food waste pickup service.”

Murali N.


“Dearest Heidi, Thank you for your service to Mama Earth, and for your sweetness and blessings. I’m so grateful.”

Nikita, Cheviot Hills

MPH, CHES, RYT, Website

“Heidi’s passion for what she does is truly inspiring, and the service she offers is fantastic for people who otherwise lack access to composting options. As the owner of a small food business, I am able to request the number of bins I need and set the pick-up schedule to work for me. I am always happy to see Heidi when she comes to pick-up our bins, and feel good knowing our food scraps will be processed in the best way possible.”

Meredith K., Santa Monica

Chef & Author of her Brand New Cookbook as of Nov 2017, Click Here to Learn More

“This is a wonderful service! I am so grateful for the professionalism and to support this small business. My trash can and landfill contributions are so much tinier, almost nonexistent. I am so grateful for her work.”

S U.

Manhattan Beach

“I just moved here and am so glad to find you. I can’t imagine not composting as I did in my previous home. Now in a condo with no green area of my own, I have you to do it for me. Just as green. So perfect. Grazie!”


Woodland Hills

“It is nice to have something turn out right!”


Los Feliz

Petra: “How does it work?”

Me: “…”

Petra: “That’s so cool!”



Client Looking for Work:

Monique in Marina del Rey is a youngin’ composter recently here from Boston boarding with several roomates (who all care about compost and multiple green measures) currently dog walking while she looks for a job. Her last job was with the homeless.

To Inquire, Please Contact Us

Honorably mentioned as the go-to compost pickup service at Anthony Bourdain’s “WASTED! The Story of Food Waste” screenings at Laemmle Santa Monica

Watch "WASTED" on itunes

Green Venice Expo

Sustainable Works’ Green Education Workshop at the Santa Monica Library (weeks at a time per session).

Click Here to go to their Website

Animal Rights Protection Event

School Garden Workshops for Student and Parent Education



Donations (i.e. monetarily and/or equipment…)

Please Call or Email to Specify Your Scope of Interest

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Welcome Aboard the Solution to this Vital Responsibility

…to turn Peels…



…to go back into oh-so-sweet you…

*oh that’s not you, but is a most precious image we find to represent 🙂

Earth Mother Lovers

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